A Catholic Community

Carroll College is a welcoming and dynamic Catholic community. As a community, we seek to share, recognise, and promote the faith, skills, talents and abilities of all our members. We value open, affirming and life-giving relationships between staff and students.

The Carroll College community models and shares knowledge of Gospel values. These values include: respect for the life and dignity of each individual, honesty, compassion, equality, justice and peace.

The study of Religion is an essential element in the Catholic Church's mission to develop the 'whole' person - that is a child's spiritual, mental, physical, social and intellectual being.

Religious Education allows and encourages students to question, investigate, inquire into, seek answers, debate, empathise with others and ultimately understand the role that religion and religious beliefs play in influencing world events and modern thinking.

For students seeking a personal relationship with God, as all students are encouraged to do, a program that is additional to the Archdiocese of Canberra/Goulburn curriculum, Treasures New and Old, is offered. These units are an approved curriculum written by Catholic Schools Youth Ministry Australia and have been developed to allow students a supportive environment in which to explore their faith.

As a proud Catholic community we ensure that staff and students experience a Catholic culture that permeates the daily life and running of the College. As a community we enjoy shared daily prayer, staff prayer, prayer at all assemblies and gatherings, Mass celebrated on numerous occasions, an Easter service, a 7-12 Faith Formation programme and a Youth Ministry group formed through CSYMA.