About Us

Our History


Carroll College began with the dream of ordinary people who
wanted a local Catholic secondary school for their children.

The day the land was formally consecrated by Archbishop Carroll was reminiscent of early pioneering days. A tiny choir of children from St Mary's Primary School sang, and the Archbishop blessed the land and planted a memorial tree in a small clearing among the Banksia trees. In the middle of the bush, those present sat on logs and shared a cup of tea and scones to celebrate the occasion.

The year was 1995, and it brought the excitement of the first day of school. Builders and bulldozers were still on the site, the blue poles were not yet painted, and the whiteboards had not arrived, but none of this mattered.

Our inaugural staff of six were present to welcome our most precious arrivals, our 95 Year Seven students, bringing our long-awaited dream to reality. High school for these young men and women was a series of firsts for every event, activity, program, and policy.

We began the tradition of celebrating Carroll Day with individual letters written for a time capsule to be opened by students when they reached Year 12. Since then, a prayer service, planned and presented by the Year 10 Youth Ministry class, and a themed activities day organised by Year 11 students has become part of the ritual of celebrating Carroll Day.

The focus at Carroll College is based on our Vision of being a faith community providing Catholic education. Our Pastoral and educational programs endeavour to reflect this commitment in every aspect of college life.

The Science of Learning underpins teaching and learning strategies incorporating High Impact Teaching Practice into all programs. Our Middle School Humanities Program in Year 7 ensures a continuation of key learning skills developed in the primary context. 

Academic achievement matters. Carroll College students excel in the Higher School Certificate, NAPLAN, and external examinations in National English, Mathematics, ICT, and Science competitions. Our strength is that we work with both parents and students, and the wide community to enhance educational outcomes for every student.

Policies and programs at Carroll College focus on helping each student learn for life. Our students have represented us at the highest levels in almost every sport. They also participate in the Lion’s Club, Youth of the Year Award, and Rotary Public Speaking Competitions.

Carroll College students are provided with many opportunities in the performing and creative arts, including college musicals, variety concerts, Battle of the Bands, Drama, and Art Exhibitions.

In almost every business outlet and enterprise in our shire and well beyond, there are Carroll College students and former students who are living life to the fullest. Their reality is grounded in their community’s dream to have a Catholic College on the coast and in the shared dedication and trust which has brought that dream to reality.

Carroll College, Broulee, St Bernard’s Primary School, Batemans Bay and St Mary’s Primary School, Moruya work closely together to provide a K-12 pathway for Catholic Education on the South Coast.


College Crest

Our crest depicts significant symbols of our Carroll College life.

The Cross reminds us of God’s great love for each and every one of us. The Cross is a reminder of Christ's sacrifice for all humanity and a symbol of hope and faith. The cross is present in the crest because our Christian faith is central to who we are as a Catholic school.

The Southern Cross has been part of the cosmology of Australia's First Nations for millennia. The early European explorers and navigators claimed the constellation as a symbol of Christ placed in the sky over the Southern Hemisphere. The Southern Cross reminds our community of our ancestors and our dedication to this land and nation.

The two dolphins, an adult and an infant, remind us of the nurturing environment that is Carroll College. Dolphins are also a symbol of our coastal region.

As a faith community, we acknowledge our God who offers fullness of life. Carroll College provides an environment where Christian values form the basis of all we say and do. We are committed to our young people and dedicated to supporting their growth to Christian maturity.

Our Vision

Carroll College is a faith community providing Catholic education inspired by personal excellence and a commitment to social justice. The College fosters spiritual, academic, and personal growth, preparing students for the future as lifelong learners.

Carroll College is a Catholic learning community enriching the lives of young people through faith in action.


Our Mission

At Carroll College our core moral purpose is to celebrate being a Catholic school for all, that delivers a dynamic curriculum where students are empowered in their learning through contemporary educational practice. In partnership with families, we provide a safe and welcoming environment that is well-resourced to prepare students to be people of integrity and service in the community. 

The Gospel teachings are at the heart of our college.

We value:

    • being Christ-like and living out the Gospel through compassion, love, equity, justice, and respect
    • prayer
    • love of neighbour, especially the marginalised
    • care of creation
    • hospitality

Our Patron


Emeritus Archbishop Francis Carroll is the Patron of our College. When the school was founded, Emeritus Archbishop Francis Carroll was the Archbishop of Canberra & Gouburn, a position he would remain in until 2006. The decision to name the College after Fr Francis was based on his enormous dedication to Catholic Education in the Archdiocese and his commitment to instil a love of learning in the students in his care.

He is a person who responds with total commitment to God, a person of deep faith, and a person who continues to give his life in the service of others.

A prophetic man, Archbishop Francis Carroll challenges us to be people who take a stand for Christian values in a secular world; people who take a strong stance for justice in our world. Such qualities inspire us to live out our motto, “Learning for Life”.